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Lately, there have a been a lot of anime series featuring all girl group, all guys group, band, celebrities and how they all struggle with their everyday problems just like us average people. Mentioning that surely had gave you an idea in mind on those type of anime series and possibly thinking about their songs right now.

Wake Up, Girls!”, is one of those anime series, which was aired on January 11, 2014 to March 29, 2014. It is about an all-girl band, Wake Up, Girls!, who just played on their debut Christmas of 2013, and after their concert, their manager took off with the money, leaving Green Leaves Entertainment on the verge of closure and their band are just even started.

If you’re one of the fans of such anime, then there is good news for you! “Wake Up, Girls!” will be having a stage play! I know, you’ll think it’s normal to have anime-based staged plays… nothing new, right?

Well, here’s the catch — the play will star the voice actors from the original series! It’s like watching your favorite anime characters in the flesh on stage.

The play is subtitled Aoba no Kiroku ( meaning, “Record of Green Leaves”) and will star all seven of your favorite original main cast members
Mayu Yoshioka as Mayu Shimada
Miyu Takagi as Miyu Okamoto
Airi Eino as Airi Hayashida
Kaya Okuno as Kaya Kikum
Minani Tanaka as Minami Katayama
Yoshino Aoyama as Yoshino Nanase
Namami Yamashita as Nanami Hisami
Kaya Okuno as Kaya Kikuma

Also, it is not just a stage play of the anime series you’ve already watched. The anime series writer Toko Machida and composer MONACA will also participate in the play.

Although the original cast seemed to have a reunion, creator and director Yutaka Yamamoto is not yet confirmed if he will be involved in the play as well because he is currently recovering from poor health.

The stage play will open on January 2017.


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