The Doll Life Season 2 Episode 4: Tiffany Has Fans!?


“Tiffany Has Fans!?” is the third episode of the second season of Myx TV’s reality TV show “The Doll Life“. I was relieved that Cyril was being fair on the last episode where she decided to keep Audra. I think the person who is least over dramatic about everything is Audra, next to Cyril who is almost just like a doll — emotionless — but it’s good.

So, it is Hana-Doki Con once more and as we had remembered, Ashphord was almost fired because she was more absorbed in hosting with Chocolate Covered Cosplay or C3 than being responsible with her role as the Doll Delight model and missed the dress rehearsal.

Ashphord will not be attending this year because she’ll be attending his brother’s wedding so she asked Angel, a member of C3, to replace her for the event since they’ll be hosting there, too.

And so the group arrived at the location in San Diego; however, Tiffany is being dramatic over it because her fans(?) not being to take pictures with her. I loved how Stephanie said that she considers the 1800 followers as fans when Cyril has 114,000! I never thought I’d had Tiffany more than Stephanie, although Stephanie brought the monster in.

Unfortunately, Stevie had to get cut because of too many models for Doll Delight and it’s good that Stevie understood it although he’s the self-proclaimed drama queen of the team. Tiffany has been a pain because of the drama she’s creating for not having to cosplay when Stephanie hired her as a model, not a cosplayer, in the event. I hope Stephanie will learn her lesson this time in not taking Tiffany in any event of Doll Delight because she’s being a primadonna when they have a fashion show to prepare.

Being the evil twins, Stevie and Stephanie planned to sabotage both Tiffany and Audra by cutting Tiffany’s wig and have Audra blamed for it. Again, Audra will be blamed and I hope Stevie comes out clean on the next episode because they’ve been bullying Audra since day one, which is not a good example as a member of Doll Delight management staff.

Without putting The Doll Delight fashion show at risk, we can show some love to Audra by supporting the Kickstarter she’s doing, which is a coffee table book of her pictures and art.


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