BurningAngel’s Cindy the Queen of Hell part 2


Burning Angel is back and this time the sequel is just as good as the original. This 2nd part of the Queen of Hell series is something else. I can tell you that there aren’t many photos I can show you that are safe for work. Heck, there’s not much footage from the video that I can screen cap for you that is safe for work. In fact, I can’t even blot these out enough to make them SFW.

The setting is nice enough. A snow white virgin (with glowing white eyes) is lying on top of an altar. She is surrounded by three hooded people. Quicker than you can say ‘foul play is afoot’, the three are ready to make their sacrifice to Lucifer in the form of a rather intense sexual healing. One thing that I noticed was the rather cool ink they (Tommy Pistol, Lily Lane, Gage Sin, and Owen Gray) have. Where else can you see a cool purple sleeve with bats and death next to Master Shake with two chainsaws next to a pretty decent chest piece with flower and feather work next to a leg covered in alphabet soup (I tried to read it a few times during the video–very funky)? Oh when I say ‘next to’ I really mean on top of, directly touching, or inside of because this shoot is off the wall NSFW.

How NSFW is this entire shoot? Well, I usually don’t go too deep in the woods with my reviews but, let’s just sum this one up as “DP meets DV”. When they hinted at the DV area, they forgot to mention the third priest joins the other two in a rear entry. For those keeping score at home, it’s around 25:54 on the video. Remember, this is but part 2 and things are heating up for BurningAngel!

Young people from Hollywood try to do all sorts of fun and stupid ritualistic stuff (that doesn’t work) to get Lucifer’s attention, including getting gang-banged by three cocks. Enter Satanic Priest Tommy Pistol, Assistants to the Satanic Priest Gage Sin and Owen Gray, and Lily Lane, tonight’s “virgin” sacrifice, ass-fucked, DP’d and double-stuffed in her pussy in the name of the Dark Lord! By the end, they were all dripping sweat and bodily fluids – and as if possessed by the Devil himself, Lily felt Cindy’s presence!


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