Aldis Seduces You With Books And Good Looks


Aldis knows that you don’t necessarily need to look like a bookworm to enjoy a good time in the library. In fact, she does this so well that she even shows you that she can look super-hot (and make you have dirty thoughts) while doing something as simple as reading, she just needs the right outfit, the right attitude, and she also needs to know when to take a break from all the adventures in her imagination to let you in on her world of sensuality.

She does this last part by slowly drawing you in with her energy, and then, once you are interested, she continues to hold your attention by letting you see her hot outfit while she teases you with one of her books (and you thought libraries were boring), covering certain areas of her physique, before letting you see her corset and stockings in full, and with them, her seductive power.

She continues to tease you in this GodsGirls set by taking off her bra while covering her breasts with a book, and then, as she keeps reading, teasing and being sexy, she lets you enjoy the view and continues to take off her clothes until she is almost completely naked and still teasing you with peeks of her body.

Once this happens, you may forget that there are books around her, as your eyes are only focusing on the gorgeous woman in front of you, and if she was not covering her body with a book at times, you would forget that she was ever reading in the first place.



Name Aldis
Age 22
Gender Female
Relationship Status Open Relationship
Sexy Orientation Queer
Occupation Tattoo Apprentice
Sign Leo
About Me Badass, extroverted queer girl with a lingerie fetish and a flair for the dramatic. Treat me like a princess.





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