Smoking Hot Bunny Gigi


I love this GodsGirls set where Gigi is wearing just enough clothing to barely cover her lady parts while she also shows a lot of gratuitous close-ups so you can see her scrumptious body, especially because of her purple bunny ears that make you think of a different Easter because they are not only about the cute side of the holiday but also focus on creating a very mesmerizing and intense look.

Gigi shows both her playful and naughty sides with her erotic poses while she teases you enough with her clothing items that kind of look like censor bars before uncovering her body completely and letting you enjoy a view of her physique that is so good that you might not even notice the other fun things she does in this photo set; although, you should really pay attention.



Name Gigi
Age 23
Gender Female
Relationship Status In a Relationship
Sexy Orientation Bi
Occupation Student, camgirl, model, retail whore.
Location Chicago
Hometown Minneapolis
Sign Capricorn
About Me I like bearded men, chicks with thick thighs and tattoos. I live in Chicago and I have yet to be approached by anyone, the day will come. I have two cats. I’m a slave to a corporation I hate. I plan to do huge things with myself, eventually.





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