Sanguine, the glass pipe smoking bunny


Yep. The title says it all. GodsGirls brings us Sanguine, a busty model, who chills out wearing bunny ears and some stockings (not much else). How does she chill out, you may wonder? Well, she does have a bit of tea china on her bed. Maybe she drinks the tea and meditates? Or maybe, after drinking the tea, she strips down to reveal her ample sized breasts for all of us to feast our eyes on. Well, she doesn’t stop there, no sir! She’s a bunny! Pretty Sanguine has to take things to the bunny extreme! Rabbits, especially the Waskally ones, have a secret habit. If you watch them long enough (with their beady little eyes and pert noses!) you will witness a miracle of nature. Sanguine demonstrates this by grabbing a glass pipe (I am not suggesting the contents of said glass pipe) and smokes up. After she takes her special bunny medicine, she poses for a few more photos showing off a bit of ink with the pink.


Sanguine as a bunny



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