Holiday Greetings from Riven


Even before Christmas, the in-game events and celebratory costumes had already started making its way into the scene. And even though it’s already after Christmas, the festive cosplay tributes continue to pour through social media. It is expected that we’ll be seeing New Year themed cosplays but probably not anytime soon. Everybody’s still on to the Christmas cosplay theme train.

Here’s a little something from Jiu Xiao Sama, who is very much fond of Love Live and League of Legends. It’s a beautiful photoshoot of her Christmas themed Riven cosplay designed by LOIZA.

Riven is a meelee playable character from League of Legends who deals damage to her enemies using a sword. Riven is a soldier and a warrior so she is more often seen as a character with a tough exterior. However, I have to admit that this bunny band wearing, sweet smiling, cute Riven is refreshing to see!


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