Championship Riven by Vera Chimera Cosplay


One of my biggest loves is, without a doubt, League of Legends. I find myself playing it for hours almost every single day, and I simply can’t get enough. There are just so many things to try out, so many strategies, maps or champions… Or skins. Indeed, that game has taken a lot of my money! One I’ve always wanted, and never ended up having is Championship Riven. Sounds familiar? And does it look familiar?

Well, let me remind you of how pretty it is with this photoset made with a beautiful girl: Vera Chimera Cosplay. I’ve waited long enough to post a League of Legends related cosplay. It’s particularly hard when the characters have such cute or sexy outfits! So I’m doing it today.

Vera Chimera, who is a great and versatile cosplayer (and her sexy cosplay repertoire is good!), manages to bring Riven to life, and embodies her personality really well, don’t you think? Seeing these pictures gives me the urge to buy Championship Riven and play her for hours straight!

The photos were taken by Beethy. If you’d like to check Vera Chimera’s sexy repertoire, follow her page.


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