Not Your Average Bunny: Battle Bunny Riven Cosplay by Misa


Battle Bunny Riven was one of the skins created for Riven, a character designed by Kuo Yen “Xypherous” Lo, for “League of Legends“. It was inspired from the “Playboy bunnies” as requested by the “League of Legends Community and Artworks” (gamers and fans). It was later released on April Fool’s Day but was labeled unavailable. Despite her aggressive looks, I really find the character so cute with her carrot inspired sword.

I’ve always believed that bunnies were meant to be such huggable and sweet-looking creatures until I saw Misa-chan’s Battle Bunny Riven cosplay. It was so fierce and edgy yet adorable you’ll find her so hot in it!

Battle Bunny Riven artwork by Kienan Lafferty.

Battle Bunny Riven by KNKL

Battle Bunny Riven by KNKL


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