Little Luna is not so little anymore


From the country best known for site locations or tapings of Lord of the Rings and other medieval-themed movies, Little Luna is from New Zealand.

Although just 20 years old, Little Luna displays quite a talent and body for cosplay. She’s been cosplaying since Auckland Armageddon in 2013. She met people who are as passionate as she is when it comes to cosplaying — even met her now-boyfriend there — and realized that this does not end on one event only.

Speaking of, it has been 2013 since she started cosplaying and she really looks good and knows how to pose to the camera in just 3 years of experience. Others take longer than that. Maybe she’s born with it!

Her featured cosplay here is Nidalee from League of Legends. League of Legends is like the same as Defense of the Ancients — or best known as DotA — which is an online, real-time strategy game.


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