Princess Mononoke by Galacticat Cosplay


When cosplayers put as much thought into their background as they do their costume, the results are always stunning. So here comes one of the best Princess Mononoke Cosplay I’ve ever seen, revived by very talented cosplayer Galacticat. Perfect work, girl!

“San was one of my first handmade costumes. Originally made for Halloween 2006, and re-worn at my first ever convention, Anime Mid-Atlantic, in 2009. I didn’t even know Cosplay was a thing back then, and the costume was pretty terrible. I decided I wanted to remake her one day and make her better justice – so here I go!”

You did a great job! Love the setting with the water and rock, great expression and pose too!

“We originally planned to go to a different state park (one without any water), decided to try this one instead, and were initially unimpressed – but we kept walking and walking and finally found this offshoot from the main river, and it was perfect!”
Love it. You look so beautiful and strong…

If you want to see more great work from this American girl, visit her Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Photos were taken byCGC Creative.


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