Princess Merida by Shua Cosplay


Ok, here comes the Scottish red hair beauty – her majesty Merida from the Brave! With a sweet, round face, pale skin, pink lips and blue eyes, this long curly red hair princess is one word: breathtaking.

This is certainly a long-awaited costume because it is perfect. And made by the Shua Cosplay itself. Shua said that she made a true copy of the costume, using six meters of blue silk, but she made the wig as well.
“You might have recognized the curls, but it’s an absolutely different wig: I made it from two wigs. It took a day to finish for a Cosplay convention. I like the color extremely!”

The bow and arrows are made, again, by Shua Cosplay and her friend Michiru; the shoes are bought, but she had to cut off all details to match the simple dancing shoes of the princess Merida.

Photos were taken by talented Elene Kutcheruk in the medieval castle in Kamianets – Podolsky.

If you want to see more from this photographer, visit her page.

Ok, no doubts, Shua Cosplay definitely was BRAVE enough to make all of this happened and I admit – totally thrilled. If you want to see more from this talented Cosplay girl, visit her official Facebook page and enjoy.


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