Its me Verne Cosplay’s Exuberant Merida Brave Cosplay


As far as I’m concerned, Its me Verne Cosplay is already awesome for the Stand By Me reference in her name (since that’s my favorite movie and everybody who loves it is okay by me). I really enjoy the additions she made to Merida’s signature look in this cosplay, and it’s culturally authentic—the plaid tartan wrapped around her midriff is very, very Scottish. Mark Pariani – Productions did a great job with the photography, especially the action shot with the arrow sailing past the camera. (How do you even do that?) That heavy bow looks great, if intimidating to draw. I don’t have the arm strength for that, so I’m rather envious. But my favorite thing about this cosplay by far is the unconquerable air about Merida. Her confident smile is a beautiful thing to see.


It’s me Veme Cosplay as Battle Ready Merida from Disney’s Brave

Photography by: Mark Pariani – Productions


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