Gangsta Elf MollyMayhem


I think some of the writers for SexyFandom have spotted MollyMayhem before, but this is the first time I’ve come across her elftastic goodness. She has been playing a number of gangsta rap songs and she just commented that she thinks this is a funny soundtrack for an elf. I think she is just a fabulous gangsta elf. So it works. In addition to talking about what music we all like, the crowd in her chat are discussing weed preferences. Pro tip: CBD or Valium (diazepam) are both good counteracting agents if you have too much THC in your system and it is not fun any more. It is free tonight to set up a profile to share your 420 tips with MollyMayhem and everyone hanging out. Join the conversation.

Hi there I’m Molly! Im a submissive, cute horny metalhead. Ive been camming for a year and a half now. I love camming. It has allowed me to embrace my sexuality and I’ve grown more confident in myself because of it. A few things you will notice in my room is I love to dress up sexy in costumes, and I love to play various types of musical genres ranging from heavy metal to death metal to progressive metal to math rock to EDM to pop music. We have a lot of fun in my room so I implore you to stay a little and have some fun with us!

Schedule: I’m usually online Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, Sunday, and sometimes Monday at 7pm pst to around 11pm pst or later. Check my twitter or snap chat for an accurate schedule!

Some of my favorite things include: PC video games, anime, music, drawing, shooting guns. Some fun facts about me are: I’m a full time college student studying Child Psychology, Im 4 foot 10 in real life, I have a mole on my butthole, I have a gun license, I have 4 beautiful cats.


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