Sick Sad World: Beetle’s Playplace


Sicksadporn is wearing a truly epic outfit. Some are suggesting it is Ronald McDonald’s hot cousin or just generally inspired by vampire clown sexiness or Beetlejuice or rave nightmares. I think it is basically the inspired product of Sicksadporn‘s impressive imagination. We are all just hanging out in their room chatting and talking comedy from Weird Al to, of course, Daria. The nom de smut Sicksadporn is, as many readers probably know, from the show Sick Sad World watching by cartoon characters Daria and Jane. Pretty much all reality TV, including the news, is Sick Sad World these days, so I recommend taking a break and joining the conversation in a fun livestream like this one. If you miss the stream, it is free to set up an account to follow them and get notices when favorites are online.


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