Ain’t no mainstream with Katsuya Moonfox


I’m sure everyone here knows the remarkable game Final Fantasy 7 and has stumbled upon a Tifa Lockheart Cosplay. I mean who the heck would not know Tifa Lockheart? I’m sure everyone does but maybe only by name and her appearance. For those who only know her by her name and appearance, I shall first introduce you to her, I can tell sooo many details about her because of the wide storyline of the Final Fantasy 7 series, but I’ll keep it very short.

Tifa is Cloud Strife’s childhood friend but lost contact with him years ago. Let me stop here, I just want to tell that damn you if you don’t know who Cloud Strife is. Anyway, when she meets him again she convinces him to join the resistance group she is a member of, AVALANCHE, to fight Shinra Electric Power Company. Tifa supports Cloud as his comrade and helps him fight nemesis Sephiroth, bearing the same hatred for him as Cloud does due to the destruction of their hometown. Tifa Lockheart also made an appearance and is either a playable or supporting character on famous games and movies such as FF7: Advent Children, Dirge of Cerberus, FF7 Crisis Core and Dissidia.

Now to our cospayer for today. She goes by the name KatsuyaMoonfox. She’s a 21 year old cosplayer from Brisbane, Australia. She’s currently studying programming and game design. Now that what I say a true Game Lover. Back to the cosplay, As we all know, Tifa lockheart is so famous and so easy to cosplay that when you google “Tifa Lockheart Cosplay” it would give you dozen of results but Katsuya has the beauty and figure to do a Tifa cosplay, I can’t say much about the outfit except that she captured the exact same Tifa white tank top outfit. I want to focus more on how she portrays Tifa and the setting of the shoot. First of all she really does have the body of a model and a fighter like Tifa. How? She has the sexiness of a model but not as thin as one, she has… meat? What I meant to say is that she’s not too thin that she can also pose a portray a character like a fighter. Another thing I like about the shoot is the settings. It’s really look like a typical Final Fantasy setting that it’s a very refreshing look compared to other Tifa lockheart cosplay. Although the setting reminds me of Gran Pulse from Final Fantasy 13. Overall I like both the cosplayer, the cosplay, and the settings which is kinda hard to combine in the cosplay industry. You might also want to buy her prints in her Online Store if you want to see more of her cosplay since no one is sponsoring her for the cosplays is she’s doing it for the love of it. You may visit her store here and follow her facebook page, deviantart gallery and twitter account.




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