Pika-Boo, It’s Shirly_adams’ Pikachu


It was time to get out my Pokédex and go exploring once again. I was lucky enough to find myself at the door-step of a beauty by the name of Shirly_adams, who had decided to pay homage to the one and only Pikachu! She is wearing an incredibly soft and comfy looking bright yellow onesie that perfectly captures just how bright and sunny the character is. The costume even has Pikachu’s perky ears, two red cheeks, adorable black eyes and the cute little mouth painted on top of it and it looks incredibly adorable when worn by someone equally as adorable.

Shirly_adams, I choose you! The electrifying mascot of the Pokemon franchise always seemed too popular for me to truly get behind, but after seeing what an amazing job this cutie did with her fluffy onesie, Pikachu might just be my new favorite!

Pika-Boo, It’s Shirly_adams' Pikachu

Pika-Boo, It’s Shirly_adams' Pikachu

Pika-Boo, It’s Shirly_adams' Pikachu

Body Type:Average
Weight:63 kilos
Height:174 centimeters
Sexual Preference:Bi-curious
Marital Status:Single


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