Nier Automata 2B and A2 Cosplay


Indeed, the Nier: Automata fever keeps on burning. Why does it have this much impact? Perhaps it’s the fact that Nier: Automata is the type of game that you start and then realize you have no idea what the heck is going on but eventually get hooked with its storyline and its characters. You go from loving the game, the hating it, and then loving it again, you might end up fighting with it, breaking up with it and then getting back together again, it’s like having a relationship with it!

Because of this, I would not be surprised that even cosplayers keep portraying the characters as a means of paying tribute to a game that has brought them so much entertainment. Much like this cosplay of the characters, 2B and A2, by YuzuPyon and Mikomi Hokina. The quality and the amount of intricacies the cosplay is made of is beautiful and brings it closer in terms of accuracy.


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