Switched Episode 1 Recap: Suicide


Meet Ayumi. She seemed to have it all : a loving family, comfortable life, friends, boyfriend, fame — you name it! Everyone wants to be her. She’s popular and no wonder there are girls who feel envy towards her — especially Umine. She has two close best friends — Koshiro and Kaga. Even though her two best friends are both popular, Koshiro is more handsome than Kaga, it’s not hard for Ayumi to fall in love with Koshiro and Kaga remains as her best buddy. Yeah, lucky girl.

Meet Umine. It seems like the entire world looks down on her: her mother hates her, they live in a small, dirty and cramped apartment, she doesn’t have any friends and the guy he liked the most — Koshiro — already started dating the most popular girl in school — Ayumi. That’s the one thing that pushed Umine to the edge. She decided to die on the day of the red moon and called Ayumi so that Ayumi will see her as she jumped off the building. Ayumi fainted after seeing Umine jump off the building.

It could’ve been the end of the story. However, when Ayumi woke up, she’s inside Umine’s body. She found out quickly how hard it has been for Umine : your mother is never home, you don’t have friends and everyone thinks you’re weird.

The real Umine is inside Ayumi’s body and have no intention of going back to her body and life.

The two closest friends should be able to notice if anything is wrong with Umine/Ayumi, right?

Admit it, sometimes, there’s an “Ayumi” inside of us — we know we have everything we need. But there’s an “Umine” inside of us too, where we feel envy towards others. This is a very cool anime and it is on Netflix so be sure to check it out.


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