Switched Episode 2 Recap: Betrayal


Ayumi realized how hard life must have been for Umine. With the help of Kaga, it seems like life’s a little bit lighter for Ayumi (who is now inside the body of Umine).

They realized that Umine may have planned it all along to switch bodies with Ayumi. What’s even shocking is that Koshiro knew all along that they’ve switched bodies and he is okay with that as long as they are dating! I guess Koshiro and Umine are meant to be because of their attitude. Koshiro also wants to know Umine’s secret on how to exchange bodies. Who would he like to switch bodies with? That would be with Kaga. Although Koshiro seems to have it all, he is still jealous of Kaga. That is why he asked Ayumi to date him in the first place. Because he knew Kaga likes Ayumi but he would do everything just to be Kaga.

It seems like there is no hope for switching back to normal but an unknown caller mysteriously called Ayumi one evening. Someone who knew her body was switched,

You’ll realize that the people who really knew you inside out would know who you are even if they are blindfolded.


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