Sheryl Nome Nurse Cosplay


There is no doubt all of us have at least one nurse at the doctor’s office who makes our blood pressure go up a few points. The one that we always want to give us a full, very thorough, physical every time we go in. Sheryl Nome, a main character of the Macross Frontier series, as well as a galactic pop star loves a naughty nurse herself, so she had no problem dressing as one.

Thankfully for us all a busty young lady from Japan known as Shino Arika loves to cosplay, especially as scantily clad nurse. Cosplaying as the Sheryl Nome Pinky Nurse was a no brainer for this Japanese beauty. It gives her an opportunity share her silky cleavage that this tiny cosplay can barely keep hidden. Plus what better way to show off her long heavenly legs than with skin tight thigh highs?


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