Kisaki Urumi as Sheryl Nome


I have always loved Macross Frontier because of its story and characters. The character I admire the most in this anime is Sheryl Nome. I think that she is original and very brave. As a Sheryl Nome enthusiast, a cosplayer, Kisaki Urumi, caught my attention with a very sexy and revealing Sheryl Nome cosplay. Whatever the character is, she can make it look like she came right out from anime.

Hailing from Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan, it’s not hard for her to look for the best quality costumes! You can check out Kisaki Urumi on all her social media accounts and all I can say is that she always nail it! She is definitely one flawless cosplayer. Both on her skin and cosplays! If you’re not aware yet, she is one of the best cosplayers in Japan and I would not even wonder why.

Macross frontier is a science fiction animated series that aired from April 3, 2008 to September 25, 2008. This is a post apocalyptic anime where the colony of the humans lived on fleets. Sheryl Nome, is a very famous singer and all the guys go crazy for her. She is from the Macross Galaxy fleet and the beginning of this story is that she is arriving to the Macross Frontier for a concert. Everyone loves her talent in singing but the guys love her more because of her daring outfits.


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