Chilling White Witch of Narnia Cosplay By Ryuki


If there’s any person out there who’s snow personified, it is Jadis, the White Witch. She may be a fictional character without a physical existence, but she exists in people’s minds, looming large enough for fans to be inspired to create wonderful cosplays like Ryuki’s. This is Jadis’s signature battlefield pose at the end of the The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe, down to the vacant expression, the furs (Cruella De Vil, much?), and the weapon pointed towards the camera. This looks like Jadis would’ve looked perhaps twenty years before LWW, but the youth and lack of innocence therein packs an extra frigid punch. In sum: great character, great look.



Costume Jadis

Gallery Jadis the White Witch of Narnia

Character Jadis the White Witch

Series The chronicles of Narnia


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