Emissary’s Severus Snape Harry Potter Cosplay


Emissary’s Snape looks slightly more humane than Alan Rickman’s (or J. K. Rowling’s description from the book–where’s the hook nose and greasy hair?) The shoulder-length wig is canon, and the bangs could make for a younger even-more-emo Snape (I especially dig the nose ring… wonder if he got it to impress Lily.) The resemblance to Draco Malfoy is also pretty cool, prompting me to theorize that this is actually Draco immediately after taking a Polyjuice Potion with one of Snape’s hairs, mid-transformation. The biggest question is: does the door behind him lead to the Room of Requirement? Because Snape really is in need of a smile.


Look who I’m being forced to cosplay–

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