Angela Cosplaying Paradigm Shift Blows My Mind


For all the fans of the Final Fantasy series, especially the Final Fantasy XIII, here is an amazing paradigm shift cosplay of Lighting, outstandingly performed by the cosplayer Angela.

There is also a lovely pair of ears and a fluffy tail that fit perfectly in Lighting’s attitude.
Angela has put a lot of dedication and hard work into crafting this amazing costume design and she looked very alluring and attractive in the costume. Cosplaying can be challenging at times and very difficult. All those parts that need to be authentic, creative, stylish and trendy. However, Angela did nonetheless amazing work.

Lighting is a character from Final Fantasy XIII that is favorite to the most of us, so having such a nicely done paradigm shift cosplay makes it even more amazing. For more information about the cosplay character you can check out here. Final Fantasy is a game designed by Square Enix and it literally gathered popularity over the night.

Angela of Cosplay Erotica did a magnificent job as Lighting, and we certainly hope you will be as speechless as we are.


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