Pure Taboo: Future Darkly but Don’t Panic


It’s the end of the world as we know it, and Pure Taboo pulls out all the stops. I love Pure Taboo—the movies are so well done from script to polished product live in front of your streaming little eyes.

Elena Koshka and Dick Chibbles are the featured couple for this post apocalyptic romp. Sure, Dick might not be the original guy Elena is seen with, but hey—he’s got the food and a can opener. That’s a hard combination to beat in most worlds. Heck, there’s time when traveling that I’m pretty sure a can of Spaghetti O’s would win an indecent proposal. So, add all of that into a post Walking Dead no food doom and gloom world and a few minutes for food might sound like a good trade. Unless you’re the girl and a leather-face Hills Have Eyes type is the guy you have to shag.

The fetish is clear—it isn’t the end of the world fetish, although that might have some mileage, but it is the reluctant lay that is the fetish here. What would you have to do to feed or protect the one you love? That’s the question Elena has to face and she answers it loudly. Again, the acting and production value comes into play. Anywhere else and this might be just some cardboard read through and hokey costumes left over from the dollar store’s Halloween bin circa 1989.

If you like the type of movies where hard choices are made or a reluctant hero is born (or at least getting naked), then this is definitely you fetish from Pure Taboo. Elena Koskha is the perfect girl next door, thru and thru. Her looks and character are both authentic—all of which makes the pay off (for your fetish) even stronger.

I’ve said this before, even if an end-of-the-world/reluctant encounters is not your fetish, the movies here at Pure Taboo are just so well done and the scenes are just sizzling, you could fast forward through the dialogue (unheard of in porn, I know!) and get to see a true girl-next-door vibe action. Just check out the stills below and see what I mean!


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