Pure Taboo: Future Darkly The White Room


Hail to the bus driver, bus driver. Pure Taboo is back at it again with a naughty VR voyeur series. The White Room is a call back to our good question ‘When has tech gone too far?’. We’ll keep that in mind as I set up the premise.

Michael Vegas plays a bus driver for, apparently, young women who are of legal age but still in school. He is the creepy bus driver we all gossiped about in high school. The one that you pretty much knew was skeeving on girls as he picked the up and dropped them back off. Add into the fact that on Michael’s bus, they all wear school girl outfits, we build a stage that is more Kidnap/Sex Slave than Lolita.

The voodoo of the VR world is almost literally Voodoo. In order to scan a perfect copy of her, Michael needs a bit of personal items. The lollipop, a symbol of innocence and sexuality, is used to gain that DNA sample needed to clone her in VR land. What would you do if you had the power to recreate someone in VR? To what lengths would you live your fantasy out? More to the point here—what happens to our creations when we are not engaged with them?

Theoretical aside, this movie is aligned with the other offerings from Pure Taboo — Fabulously done with some great scenes. You see, the bus driver doesn’t just pick up one girl but rather has a whole (bus?) load of them in VR land. Each with their own little personality and alterations of said personality. I won’t spoil the ending as it really does work well as a movie ending.

If you like a bit of flesh for fantasy and/or love to see a gaggle of women serving what reminded me of an Imperial Agent with full ribbons, then this definitely is the movie for you. The cast is immense and all of them play a very special role. Any particular Pure Taboo movie is well worth the price of admission, so why not give the stills a shot and see if anything pops for you. You won’t regret it.


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