Pure Taboo’s Future Darkly: Smart House of Horrors


Let me take a second to discuss writing. Don’t worry, there are plenty of boobs to see later. I love Pure Taboo. I’ve said it before–their movies are top notch thru and thru. Everything works in their movies. I mean everything from the acting (yes, the acting in a porno!) to the set to the sex to the story–it all works. The first step in this ‘everything working’ masterpiece that Pure Taboo has become is the writing.

I’ve taught screenplay at college, I’ve had scripts optioned (haha…options, eh?), and I might have even won wee awards before. Writing–I know a bit about it. Bree Mills knows a lot about it. Pure Taboo works because of Bree’s writing. Period. End of. It all starts with the writing. Without Bree’s writing, the cast won’t have anything to do but force smiles and moans under what are essential construction lights for hours on end. Bree’s writing gives everything life and pushes the world from ‘just another porn’ to ‘holy crap, what was that?!’. I love it. I simply love it. Bree is damn right brilliant in everything I’ve seen from Pure Taboo and it’s because the movies are real movies–with plots–that the sex works.

The Nun. Think of the Nun in horror. It should have been scary af. It had all the makings of it except one thing–writing. No plot = no jump scare. You can’t have a jump scare in horror if you don’t have a plot sucking the audience in. You can’t have someone sit down and watch an hour-long pornographic movie (without fast-forwarding) without a solid story. The Future Darkly stories all explore an aspect of society that hones in on our fears of a modern world gone wrong. Bree’s story isn’t a string of ‘this happens and then this happens and this happens’ but rather ‘because this, then this’. This, to me, Aristotle, and apparently Trey Parker with Matt Stone, is the cornerstone of storytelling.

We live in an age where we can turn on a light, read a book, set multiple timers, bank, lock our doors, and even cook with a virtual assistant. We know AI is the future, but should it be? How much control would you give over–to a stranger? We think we know our AI because ‘Alexa’ or ‘Siri’ have cute names and can sound like our guy/girl Friday but the truth is, they are a bunch of nigh always-on microphones/video cameras that monitor everything we do and can control or record things we might not even realise. A bit of research will reveal more than a few ‘Alexa recorded what?!’ stories. Smart House of Horrors takes this one step further. It is a monster in the house movie where instead of a demon possessing the house, the tech–tech we invited willingly into our households–has taken over. There’s only one way to exorcise this tech demon and that’s some pretty hot scenes with three great actors.

The stories set up the sex scenes. I can’t get ‘Sean Connery’s’ voice out of my head when I read Craven Moorehead, but things go really well from page to screen with Pure Taboo. A great deal of this is letting the all-star cast be secure in doing their thing. In a post-internet boom world of porn where everyone with a go-pro or cellphone camera is a star, it’s great to see such a cast come (no pun) together. The sex scene is phenomenal because Jane Wilde, Angela White, and Donnie Rock work perfectly together. Rock and Wilde complement each other so well, it could have been just the two of them and the scene would have worked–their chemistry is just that strong. When you add in Angela White, you get to see a cast that truly elevates each other.

I’ve said it before–If you want to see what porn could be instead of the 300th clip on dotcom du jour, then you need to check out Pure Taboo. The website is loaded with full clips and stories just waiting for you to unwrap. Go give them and their Future Darkly series a shot. You won’t regret it.


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