Award Winning Lil Daizy Cooper carves one up for Halloween


We are at the start of the Halloween season and that means BlueBlood and GothicSluts are kicking out some rather wickedly delicious offerings, including this AltPorn 2018 Award Winning shoot with Lil Daizy Cooper. Forrest Black gives the setup for this shoot and gives credit to Ultra Happy Alarm for the introduction to Cooper. It’s a rather small funky world as Ultra Happy Alarm gives us the gift of her book that is coming out and of Lil Daizy Cooper.

In a moment of twistedly great minds think alike, I took one look at LDC in her bippity boppity Aleister Crowley dress and thought ‘she’s a porn witch’. Low and behold, her twitter profile agrees. The duality of the Crowley one-piece along with, let’s face it, the most gorgeous eyes on the screen, creates a rather stunning effect. I know Amelia G and Forrest Black are damn right scary talented but having a model like Daizy Cooper sure makes things look easy.

Currently, I am looking a side-by-side split of Daizy with her partially spread lips, whose eyes are knowing, yet inviting, and her arms are slightly crossed in front of her body with just a touch of color for the fingertips–juxtaposed with a look in the next photo that dares you to look at her exposed breast and fishnetted hips. This is the perfect dichotomy of Lil Daizy Cooper–she’s perfectly aware of her body and can stop you with just a look.

The backdrop looks like a bank vault or a panic room, but not to keep anyone out but rather to keep the porn witch locked in. The background adds to the power of Daizy Cooper as a lot of people would be overshadowed by such a sterile location but she fills the room with her presence, rather marvellously. I love the minimalism here, too. A chain, a choker, and a small loop around her wrist–that’s it. We see a kickbutt boot and a small splash of color (who does the makeup for GothicSluts? That lip and eye work is amazing!) is all Daizy needs to keep us for over 14 pages of Halloween madness.

I fixated so much on her look that I honestly forgot there was a pumpkin in the room. I can’t show you most of the shots. Let’s just say that out of the 168 or so shots, about 10 are safe for work. I can show you a few of them, but I can’t show you, for example, the shot where her back is turned and she, after carving the wicked pumpkin, is sitting on it wearing nothing but her boots and a bit of netting. I guess that pumpkin has a smile on its face for a reason. If you also want a smile on your face, then you have to check out this GothicSluts shoot with Lil Daizy Cooper. She’s certain to put a spell on you–but is that such a bad thing?

I’m so jazzed that we got to shoot some fun spooky pumpkin carving stuff with Cooper! We first met at the AltPorn Awards, introduced by Dorothy / Ultra Happy Alarm and we’ve been meaning to get together to make cool stuff ever since. Well, here is the first taste. Happy Halloween!
~Forrest Black


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