Cooper Carves A Pumpkin And Melts Your Heart


I don’t know if you know this, but today is the National Pumpkin Day. I share with you this information because when you see the set that BlueBlood has prepared for you with the naughty Cooper, you, like me, may not notice at first the pumpkin that’s sitting right next to her with all the teases and her pulling up on her top, revealing those stunning breasts of her and making you gasp with excitement.

Cooper disrobes in record time, as her GothicSluts outfit is only made up of a sexy shirt, delightful fishnet stockings to have your arousal at a high level, and platform boots. Again, I mention these items because it is hard to stay focused on them when the glorious woman before you start to pose in the nude, this time making the presence of the pumpkin more apparent while she plays with it and even tastes its sweetness.

By the end of the set, you’ll probably notice how the pumpkin she was playing with is now skillfully carved and is ready to be placed as a cool Halloween decoration, and if you didn’t, then, that’s a perfect excuse to check out the whole set all over again (as if you weren’t going to do that anyway, right?), but be warned, the more you see each image on this set, the less apparent the pumpkin becomes thanks to the delightful and irresistible Cooper.

I’m so jazzed that we got to shoot some fun spooky pumpkin carving stuff with Cooper! We first met at the AltPorn Awards, introduced by Dorothy / Ultra Happy Alarm and we’ve been meaning to get together to make cool stuff ever since. Well, here is the first taste. Happy Halloween!
~Forrest Black


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