Pure Taboo’s Future Darkly: Artifamily Impresses


Pure Taboo landed in my inbox a short bit ago and I have to say, I’m impressed. Directed by Bree Mills and Craven Moorehead, the production value rivals the best I’ve seen and the stories are thoughtful and yet all have that taboo hook.

The Future Darkly series brings us a bit of family friendly taboo. The set up for Artifamily is simple—what would happen if the cylon in the BSG prequel were a sex doll instead of just a clone of his daughter? Maybe it’s around this time that I might mention Pure Taboo really is—Pure Taboo. If you are squeamish about taboos, you might want to stop reading now. If you aren’t squeamish, then, as Tyson said to Yung Hee, Let your freak flag fly.

Jill Kassidy and Tommy Pistol play the father and ‘not my real’ daughter team. I’ll have to say that the acting is pretty good. From what I have seen of Pure Taboo, acting and production value is at a premium level. Gone are the days where porn actors are reading worse than Tara Reid in Sharknado (hey, at least we know she can read now, right?). The acting has to work because the build up to the money shot (pun slightly intended) has to work.

We’ve all seen those ‘family’ videos where two extremely unbelievable actors are supposed to be crossing the taboo threshold only to have the acting be so wooden that any chance of enjoying the fetish goes out the door. Not so with Kassidy and Pistol. Pure Taboo sets together a movie so well done that you can actually feel the struggle the father figure has to fight in order to give the payoff at the end.

Although the movie (and it is a full movie) is based on the basic daddy-daughter fetish, the real interesting part is the inspection of technology. We currently have sex dolls that can have a better realism than some of the cheaper craigslist ‘dating’ posters of old. The next step is not just cyber skin, but cyber movements. To what extent is or should the laws censor what someone does with an inanimate object? This subject gets into some pretty deep and semi-dark in the woods territory but the future is coming and that’s exactly upon which this movie reflects.

All the high brow and fetish work aside, in the end, it comes down to some pretty intense sexual scenes that climax (there’s that pun again) into a fetishist’s dream come true. If you wanted to see high quality—intense scenes—between someone who may or may not be schlupping his cylon daughter, then this is definitely the movie for you.

Even if wincest is not your thing, I think checking out Pure Taboo might be worth your while for pure production value alone. Take a look at some of the stills from the movie and decide for yourself.


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