Cosplay Mania 2018


Cosplay has been around for quite some time and it’s very popular on Japan. Nowadays, you don’t just see cosplayers in Japan but they’re everywhere around the world. Cosplaying is fun and for a couple of days or so, you can be the character you’ve always admired! The happiness that they bring to those who watch them pose or make a little skit also brings joy to their hearts.

Philippines is also one of the countries where the cosplayers are growing in numbers. With their ever growing numbers of cosplayers and fans, where else would they celebrate their 10th year anniversary but SMX Manila! The place was filled of cosplayers, fans and enthusiasts last September 29th to 30th.

The event was not a disappointment, in fact, everyone enjoyed going there because there are lots of activities and shops to visit! It’s not an exclusive event so if there was one non-anime fan who is curious what’s going on in an event like this, surely got hooked!

Mac is one of the many cosplayers who even flew from Bacolod City in order to celebrate and enjoy a very festive event. Did he enjoy his Cosplay Mania experience? Well, his pictures says it all.


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