Kar98k Cosplay by Sherry


For some reason, after the popularity of Kantai Collection rose, anthropomorphism games have suddenly began popping up that it’s difficult to keep track. Thankfully we have social media for that and cosplay! If you’re familiar with the game, Girls Frontline, then you surely know this cosplay by Sherry. This is a cosplay of the character Kar98k, that is anthropomorphized to be a feisty silver-haired girl.

Popular games always have cosplayers wanting to portray the characters and because of this commercial costume makers have taken it upon themselves to make pre-ordered costumes available online. I’ve always had doubts when it comes to buying costumes online. What if it doesn’t look the same as the photo? What if it’s sewn badly? What if it doesn’t fit? I happened to see this exact same costume being sold online and immediately started wondering. But after seeing this cosplay, my doubts have lessened. The costume looks great and the fabric doesn’t look dull and cheap, it looks beautiful on her.


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