Secret Agent Miss Fortune Cosplay


Jessica Rabbit? No, that’s not her. Fujiko Mine? Nope, it can’t be her either. That’s League of Legend’s Miss Fortune being portrayed by the lovely Chinese cosplayer, Mányú fēi er (鳗鱼霏儿 ). Manyu fei er has been known for her fondness of portraying charcters from varied games and genres of anime such as Love Live, the Fate/Stay series, and even from old school anime like Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Much like a lot of popular online games, League of Legends is a game that offers a variety of “skins” (or in layman’s terms, costumes) for its diverse characters. This skin in particular is called Secret Agent Miss Fortune, a Legacy skin that can only be acquired during a specific time or period. But fret not, for players who missed their opportunities to grab this wonderful skin, there’s always next time and there are plenty more that are available on a regular basis and those are just as amazing. However if you still want the skin that badly but have missed that window of opportunity, let this cosplay console you instead.


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