Hestia by Tomia Cosplay


I don’t know what happened with the Internet when Hestia showed up. It seems like everything was turned upside down, and this anime girl became easily one of the most loved characters of all time throughout the world. This change was so sudden that, honestly, it took me by surprise and I also took a while to even understand who Hestia actually is. But hey, with every new sensation in japanese culture, one thing will surely happen: cosplays!

So just imagine the amount of cosplayers who decided to risk it and sew the costume for this small, but sexy girl. Among all of them, I’m pretty sure I found one of (if not) the best Hestia cosplayers up until now!

Her name is Tomia and because of her being quite a famous woman, you’ve probably heard about her or seen some pictures of her other costumes online! She charmed me as soon as I opened her gallery. Tomia looks like a super sweet and nice girl, and her Hestia carries those feelings as well as a touch of sexiness. Don’t believe me? Just check out the pictures below. Great job from the photographer as well!

If you’d like to see more from her, check out her page.


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