Lady Bowser D20


What exactly is Bowser? Nobody seems to really know for sure. I mean, Bowser is a Koopa and Bowser likes to kidnap pretty ladies in the Mario Bros multiverse. But WTF is a Koopa anyway? Some people think tortoise alien or dinosaur or horned dragon or lizard person or I’ve even heard late night con debates positing hellspawn demon (cute one.) I’m not here to settle the Bowser animal (or alien or creature etc.) debate. I’m here to point out how fabulous Anime Annie looks in her Lady Bowser cosplay. Anime Annie has also just acquired a second big d20, so now she has a green d20 and a red d20 and she is planning all sorts of pervy Dungeons & Dragons inspired games for this coming Saturday. So be sure to mark your calendars and set up your free video chat account before the weekend.





Profile Headline: PornStar Violet Marcell, turned cosplayer and cam girl!
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