Enter Lady Bowser AnimeAnnie’s Castle Of Sexy Fun


The first thing you hear when you join AnimeAnnie’s room tonight is her Mario music playing, and then you hear her lovely voice with a greeting to her room, where you can see her cosplaying as a very sexy and incredibly-looking Lady Bowser, because it’s Mario Monday, and it needs to be celebrated appropriately.

AnimeAnnie is having a lot of fun right now, and you will too once you see her sexy costume with horns, a tight green top, eye-makeup, sexy red hair, and a koopa shell on her back; and as the music plays and the sexiness keeps on coming, you can enjoy the view while she continues to show just how detailed her Mario day is with her drinking out of a piranha plant-themed glass.

Cosplayer, gamer, and geek,
with the right mix of silly, sensual and sexy…


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