Unicorn Is Such A Darling


When I saw the thumbnail for this cosplay I clicked because I thought it was from Neptunia. It turns out it’s a cosplay of Unicorn from Azur Lane by North (pseudonym), I regret nothing. This is equally as awesome to see. I always appreciate cosplays from mobile games like Azure Lane. Sometimes there isn’t much official art of the characters and you don’t get to see the full 360 of their costumes but cosplayers always find an innovative way to complete the looks of their costumes. This costume of Unicorn is a simple one but it’s beautifully sewn and fits North’s figure perfectly. Her wig is a wonderful gradient. Unicorn’s hair in the game art is usually shown to be purple but this wig has 2 colors which make for a nice gradient. The background setting though, could use a different shade of color to make North stand out more in her white-colored clothes. Overall, it’s a beautiful cosplay.


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