Absolutely Grandoise Sakuya Izayoi Cosplay


If in cosplay the aim is to resemble the character as much as possible, in cosplay photography, the aim is to take a shot that closely resembles the visual elements found in the referenced cosplay.

In formal photoshoots, photographers usually take note of positions of their cameras and the angles. The height in which the camera is placed is very important. In most professional shoots, the camera placements are positioned specifically to capture images at a straight, eye-level angle. While this also applies to cosplay photoshoots, cosplay photographers tend to get a little more creative than when shooting formal events. It’s all about the right vantage point. Backgrounds also play a great role in the composition of the photo unlike in formal portraits where backgrounds are just backgrounds and are often blurred out to focus on the subject.

Cosplayers like Ely, like to go a little extra when it comes to photoshoots. Aside from cosplay, she is all about location and finding the perfect background to go with her cosplay. Take a look at her intricate cosplay of Tohou Project‘s character, Sakuya Izayoi. Do you want to make your cosplay photos as memorable? Be sure to take note from Ely’s cosplay shoot!


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