Sexy Beautiful Golden Darkness


For sure, fans of Too LOVE-Ru are all to familiar with this character. Yami or Golden Darkness is definitely a character who’d be forgettable enough as if she just blended with the background. So instead, let’s talk about how perfect this photoset of Chono Black cosplaying as Yami is. For those of you who don’t know Chono, she is a cosplayer who is well known for her beautiful portrayals of sexy anime characters and quality photoshoots.

When shooting cosplay on location, obviously you will not be bringing your handy dandy backdrops with you. Because of that, a lot of thinking goes into the background. While some photographers and cosplayers love a lot of detail when it comes to their background, it is a fact that it is difficult to find a place that is perfect for the character they will be cosplaying. Even with the latter concern mentioned, some cosplayers still want to go for an on location shoot. When this happens, cosplay photographers must compromise and find the most suitable backround which in most cases happen to be the ones which are the simplest and has less details but just the right amount of lighting and atmosphere.

Although there may not be much to show with a simple background, this is not a loss. If you’ve observed in this photo set, a simple background only gave more focus to the subject – in this case, the cosplayer. Which is a good thing. Also, I liked that they took note of choosing a background that is not brighter than the cosplayer. A darker background than a darker subject is preferable because bright backgrounds drown out the focus from what’s being photographed.


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