Devilishly Sexy Golden Darkness Cosplay

Nyako’s been known to cosplay quite a variety of characters from shy and innocent cutesy idol girls to risqué clothed vixens. Once again she’s graced her fans with another cosplay that shows off her lovely curves without most of the annoying fabric call clothes that people usually wear every single day. I mean come on, who needs those, right? Kidding.

Golden Darkness or simply called as “Yami”, is one of the major characters from the anime To-LOVE-Ru. Despite being a living weapon for assassination, she has a young face and a stoic personality that masks her kindness. Normally Yami declares that she hates perverted people and avoids all perverted acts at all costs. However, when her darkness transformation is activated, her personality becomes quite the opposite of how she normally acts. She becomes more active, playful and, yes, perverted.

If you’re looking for an anime with fan service, To-LOVE-Ru, would probably please you. It’s your typical ecchi (read: eh-chi) show with a male protagonist surrounded by girls who love him.

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