Catjira Is a Dream Kitty Giving You Sexy Treats

Catjira is dressed up as Marie from The AristoCats, and her costume looks sexy as hell with her big and sexy kitty ears on her gorgeous straight blonde hair. This outfit also gives her a chance to share with you a bit about her cats among all the sensuality she is filling the room up with tonight.

Her kitty top has a lovely cat keyhole cleavage that has you constantly peeking through it so you can check out the shape of her supple breasts before she takes off her top. A thing that she is very eager to do, as evidenced by her teasing you and openly showing you her boobs before she takes it off.

Catjira’s got a treat for every moment, and coupled with all the sexy views, you can even hear her lovely meowing in between teases and fun topics, so if you are a sexiness lover who also like lustful kitties, Catjira has got a show for you that’ll rock your socks off.

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