My name is Rias Gremory and I’m a Devil


“My name is Rias Gremory and I am a Devil.” Well, from the quotes itself you must have gist of who are character for today is, it’s Rias from Highschool DxD. Rias Gremory is the main female protagonist of High School DxD. She is a Devil from the Gremory Clan, a family of pure-blooded Devils, and is known as the Crimson-Haired Ruin Princess. She is a third-year student at Kuoh Academy, the President of the Occult Research Club, and the school’s number-one beauty as well as one of Kuoh Academy’s Two Great Ladies

Oh yeah! Flaunt it some more! Our cosplayer really have what it takes to these kind of cosplays. If I could describe this cosplayer in 2 or 3 words it would be “Sexy and Cute”. Cause she can do it both! I just love how that innocent face of hers and those pink red lips glowing in these photos. Another thing to be taken notice is the way she do these portrayals of trying to have this very innocent and cute look but will really let’s you notice those damn sexy body of hers is what drives us viewers mad!

Our young racking goddess with the boobs to flaunt for, who also brought us this wonderful and sexy near anime character experience is none other than MonicaWos or real name, Mau Monica. Monica is a young, lively and fun girl who really shows this fun side of female anime characters. Like the actual female characters in animes! Well, she started cosplaying back in 2010 which means she’s been cosplaying now for about 5 years. Besides giving this fun ambiance, she also has a lot of skills to be sexy since she has the body to show for it! I’m just really surprised that almost all the beautiful female cosplayers I know came from Vietnam, those chicks really has the best DNA in the world. Anyway let’s support MonicaWos by following her on Facebook, Deviantart and Twitter. Let’s also give thanks to KMP Nguyen for the photos.


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