Devilishly Tempting Yui Kotegawa Cosplay


When you’re looking for fanservice-filled anime that has the sole purpose of satiating a large number of the male population, To LOVE-Ru should probably be on your list. As this anime obviously targets mostly those humans with a Y chromosome, the characters here more or less suffer from a serious shortage of fabric when it comes to clothing.

It goes to say, this show is clearly not for everyone. In the same manner, cosplaying the characters from this anime is also not for everyone. However, some choose to brave cosplaying it no matter what the odds. One such soul who is gutsy enough to bare her skin for the sake of portraying To LOVE-Ru’s Yui Kotegawa is cosplayer, Yuki. For some reason, she chose to forgo cosplaying the character in her school uniform, which is what most cosplayers of this character usually go for, and instead, confidently decided on cosplaying the character in a more risqué outift.


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