Leigh Raven stars as Queen Cindy


Leigh Raven, from Burning Angel, will eat your heart out with her devilishly raunchy photoshoot as Queen Cindy, daughter of Satan. She is certainly up to no good, as the Devil’s daughter should be, when she spreads her legs wide to show off her amazing tattooed body.

Striking a powerful pose in all of these delicious photos, Cindy seems to know that you’ll practically be begging for more as she slowly switches poses to become increasingly more seductive. With all of the photos taken against a cream colored backdrop, it makes her striking tattooes more vivid on her gorgeous tanned body. Once she incorporates her knee high boots into her poses, you’ll be willing to sell your soul to see more.

Leigh Raven is your favorite tattooed half-human, half-horned-demon-daughter of Satan, Cindy, Queen of Hell! She’s does whatever she wants, with whomever she wants, whenever she wants!


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