BurningAngel’s Cindy Queen of Hell, part 4


BurningAngel’s Cindy Queen of Hell series gets rather interesting at part 4. Cindy (Leigh Raven) is confronted by both of her parents (Joanna Angel and Xander Corvus) before making her decision to try hell for a spin. What I really liked about this opening is the humor. Xander offers a few great straight man lines up (one at the expense of Harry Potter) and the chemistry between the three on screen works. Ultimately, Cindy is offered the chance to ring the bell (one to take her to hell, another ring to bring her back) and she takes the devil up on his offer. Thus ending anything remotely SFW in the video.

Once teleported to hell, Cindy runs into two other women (succubi played by Anna Bell Peaks and Nikki Hearta) who are whipping a sex slav…err…lost soul (Chad Alva). What comes next is best left for innuendo but I can confirm there is a lot of action and fluids flying (with a toy included) between these four. There is a lot of raw energy here and the sex is rather full force from start to finish. There is some kinky cool ink to be read (I’m getting better at focusing on reading the tattoos when the models are in action) and if you love ink, you really need to see this performance. You will not be disappointed.

With all the ink and the great work between everyone, it really is a shame that I can’t show you more. I’ve bent my rules on not using the SFW hammer on the art that comes my way, but there is so much flesh for fantasy here that most of the screen would be an SFW sticker. What are the chances for photos I can use from a Burning Angel orgy based in hell with its future queen? I’d say there’s a snowball’s chance in hell (pun intended) for SFW photos once the action starts.

Cindy (Leigh Raven) finally decided to give Hell a try at her parents’ suggestion – and maybe she’d even have a little fun. She sure did stumble upon some demonic good times! Upon arriving in the underworld, she happens upon two hot succubi, big tit Anna Bell Peaks and bad girl lesbo Nikki Hearts, flogging a lost soul, Chad Alva! They were so excited and turned on to meet the daughter of the devil – the future Queen of Hell – the girls gushing to ‘show her the ropes’ and how to properly screw with devilish delight, demanding dick from the lost soul until they were all satisfied. An orgy in Hell was unexpected, but made her decision to rule easy!


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