Cosplay Erotica Stacy shows us how sweet Lime is


In this set from Cosplay Erotica, Stacy has fired up her Maiden Circuit to bring us Lime from Saber Marionette J.

The brilliantly accurate costume of tight black bodysuit with panties on the outside, white jacket with flowing sleeves and yellow scarf holding back her dazzlingly blue hair, is the perfect balance of hidden secret and tantalising tease that makes you want more from the first shot.

Once those panties come off, Stacy shows just how tight that bodysuit really is as she effortlessly poses her smooth body as Lime, her cheeky smile and constant camera interaction adds to the allure. Once she’s done with the teasing Stacy shows you exactly what she was covering up, laying it bare and making sure you don’t miss a thing as she slides through her poses.

The best thing about the set and accompanying video is the fun that Stacy is having as she brings Lime to life, her energy and playfulness coupled with her fantastic body make for an arousing set, as does the way she poses to give her bodysuit maximum… stretch.

Lime 04

Lime 05

Lime is a marionette possessing the otome kairo, a circuit that enables her to act almost indistinguishable from a human girl. She is the most child-like of the main marionettes, with a naive, lively, sunny, peppy and playful personality. You can find more information on Seber Marionette J here.

Lime 20

Lime 28
Lime Screen Cap


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