Japan Winter Comiket Cosplay Day 1


December 29, 2016 marks the first day of this year’s Winter Comiket that will be happening until the 31st of December. Comiket or Comic Market is the world’s largest otaku related event held twice a year in Tokyo, Japan. It is a place where creators can sell their self published works in the form of novels, comic books, cosplay dvds or ROMs, games, movies, apparel, etc..

With more ore less half a million attendees from all over the world and from Japan, the building was over-flowing with people and the cosplay area was is party of cosplayers and photographers.

Here are some of the cosplays from the first day of the comic con. If you notice, the photos are taken outdoors. This is not to say the entire event is held outdoors, no it is not. This is the cosplay photography area. A little note on cosplay photography in Japan, they have designated areas where you can take cosplay photos. It is discouraged to take photos of cosplayers outside of the area or within the building if it is not a designated photography area.

Brace yourselves, more cosplay updates for you on day 2 soon!


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