Japan Sinks 2020 Episode 4 Recap : An Open Door


Go was lucky that his game console protected him from the arrow that was accidentally shot by the owner. Because of what happened, Kunio Hikita — the owner, had let them take shelter on his grocery store since there’s a storm and he also fixed Go’s game console. Previously, Go dreamt that his father was a savior in the game he’s playing on his game console so right now, it seems like his father saved him.

Because of the earthquake, the acid rain and the rising of the sea water, the group needs to move fast. Eventhough they just met Hikita, they raced towards safety, thanks to his truck. Without him, it would’ve been the end of everyone. It’s just sad to see that everything — your house, your furnitures and the memories you had with them — can be easily wiped out by an awful disaster.

Along the way, they met Daniel, the English guy from Hokkaido. I know, I mentioned at first that it’s not safe to hitchhike or to pick someone up but Daniel looks harmless and that’s the reason why Mari stopped and gave him a ride (even after Hikita’s objection).

On their way, they saw some fireworks and followed that direction where they found a community in Shan City. It’s like a religious/spiritual community but they’re generous in giving the group a clean place to take a bath, food and small cottages to sleep at. I really had doubts when the group went into this community because it feels odd and with everything they did to them, it’s so nice that it’s almost too good to be true. They even had parties in celebration of their “Mother‘s” son Daichi. Mother — or Kanae Murota — is the spiritual leader who claims to be a medium or someone who can communicate/connect with the dead.


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