Japan Sinks 2020 Episode 3 Recap: A New Hope


On the last episode of Japan Sinks 2020, Ayumu’s father met a very unfortunate fate when digging where he accidentally struck a bomb buried there. Everyone’s have their own ways when it comes to mourning but Ayumu feels like their mother didn’t feel anything when her father just died. I also felt like Ayumu was jealous of Nanami because she’s always there when Haruo needs help. Setting aside their age, I think that Nanami can relate to Haruo, who lost his mother and Nanami lost her family as well. In this episode, we may feel like Ayumu’s acting up and threw her shoes that her father gave her, but, well, everyone’s have their own way in dealing with sadness. Mari, Ayumu’s mom, kept her sadness inside and showed a brave front in order for them to survive. The water is rising and if they stop, who knows when the water will catch up to them.

They were able to finally hitch a ride on a delivery truck but the driver didn’t seem to be in his right mind. First, he find the explosion funny but then, he didn’t know it was Ayumu’s dad who died because of that explosion. Secondly, he’s drinking while driving and doesn’t care about that even when Nanami called him out. Calamity or not, there are people who have to be careful with. It’s very dangerous when hitchhiking but the group felt safe since there’s five of them.

The hideous man tried to assault Nanami but good thing is that she’s good with martial arts. When the man took out his stun gun, Mari arrived on time and struck him but it’s not enough to make him stop. Good thing he was startled with Ayumu’s flashlight and Mari and Nanami knocked the living daylights out of him.

Nanami could have survived this calamity. She’s strong and smart but it’s not enough to save her from the poisonous gas that leaked near Mt. Fuji. With another character eliminated, another character joined in. Kite(カイト, Kaito) is a smart young guy who warned Ayumu before she could run towards Nanami.He’s famous Estonian Youtuber who’s known for his aerial footage thanks to his cool paramotor.

Kita could’ve easily escaped Japan but he stayed and helped the group find shelter until they finally reached a convenience store. Ayumu was hesitant but she doesn’t have a choice since there’s storm coming. Like what other owners would do, the owner hid from sight and warned them to stop looting and get out of his store. To show them that he was serious, he started shooting arrows and Go unfortunately got hit on the chest.

There will be incidents of looting especially if the entire country is on the verge of sinking. It’s normal for humans to find ways to survive but looting is still not okay. If it was you, what would you do after days of hunger and fatigue?


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